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Celtic RP Exhibit

I fully love RP in Second Life and take part in as much as possible (most likely the drama student in me lol)
I adored the “Ainemari Flanagan’s Fantasy Roleplay in SL” exhibit 🙂

Celtic RP @ SL10B

I believe this in particular is a celtic medieval rp sim!

It’s simple, small and beautifully detailed … really do take the time to explore this one – it’s really great to see RP getting so much recognition at SL10B!

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Music Hall of Fame @ SL10B!

Last night I visited the Music Hall of Fame at SL10B 🙂
It’s a really pretty set up and the two acts I saw were amazing!

Elvera Lerner @ SL10B
First up was Elvera Lerner, she sang some beautiful classics and had a real crisp, clean musical theatre-esque voice.

Second was REALLYMAD Morpork, he had a real rock vibe and performed to a extremely high standard – he even sang one of my favourite songs; Bring Him Home from Les Miserables! Brought a tear to my eye!

You should definitely check out this venue 🙂 xo

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It’s Party Time!

SL10B has finally opened its gates today and you simply MUST visit.

I was lucky enough to have early access as ‘press’ this weekend and my oh my everything is just fantastic.

Speed over to this superb page of all the SLURLS you need!

The Second Life History Walk – so fascinating, a must see!

The builds are out this world, there are so many interesting things to see and do. I have spent literally hours exploring the sims and I haven’t even seen half of what’s there! There is everything from art installations to puzzles, interactive stories and spectacular stages that span multiple sims – make sure you check out the schedule so you don’t miss the amazing performances and experiences!

There are also a ton of generous free gifts to aid your celebrations, thank you so much to every single one of the creators for the efforts for this event ♥

SL10B View from Raglan Shire
A spectacular view from the Raglan Shire build!


A look inside the silo which holds The DJ Stage! (You can see us all there on the first press tour eep!)

Inside the Once Upon a Time build!


Grab the free HUD at the start and enjoy your adventure as you climb to the top of The Behemoth! I loved this build, such a clever and innovative idea and even rewards you with some treats along the way :p
To the right, you can also see the Firestorm attraction!

The Torley Linden bear on Bear Island! ♥

Have fun exploring, I hope to see you there!

Skin – Glam Affair ‘Amberly’
Hair – Wasabi Pills ‘Ivette (Previous 50L Friday)
Dress – [[Masoom]] ‘Pia Dress’
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Feet – Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet
Shoes – Slink ‘Iiena Sandals’

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La Nuit Du Chasseur

I musssstttt show you this beautiful free gift “La Nuit Du Chasseur” from Worlds End Garden – the ENTIRE outfit including the fabulous shoes (the impossible gaga shoes as I like to say :p) is available at their store on the RMK gothic sim 🙂

La Nuit Du Chasseur

This is the first time in a long time I’ve worn a non mesh skirt! It’s sooo well made and flows beautifully!

Skin -Glam Affair ‘Amberly’
Hair – .ploom. ‘Trina’
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

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Rez Day Quest

There’s currently a quest on at Exangui Nation in honor of mine and my partner’s rez day.
I took part last night and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had since joining SL – so much time and effort went into making the images and setting up the city and I wanted to publicly say THANK YOU, so so much.


Pictured above is a hidden club of sorts, decorated for us, so I decided to gather some good friends and snap a picture wearing the guns and masks acquired during the quest!
We ended up going nuts after this shot, check my Flickr to see some of the carnage :p thank you guys for being the best ♥

From left to right; Queen Mieka Birdsong, Brittany Hale, myself – Lady Harmony and Lady Solsty.

Skin – Glam Affair ‘Amberly’
Hair – Clawtooth ‘I Digress’
Top – Jane ‘Intrinsic Tank’ Black
Shorts – erratic / jessy ‘studded shorts’
Shoes – Gos Boutique ‘Lolita Espadrilles’ Cupcake (Free!)
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

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Dark New England

I decided to go back and visit the glorious Innsmouth sim and take some piccys for you 🙂



I was introduced to the sim when a photo contest (which I won, woo :p) held by my family was to be based here. It’s a wonderful 1930’s town, wonderful detail and even has some scary extras dotted around! I really recommend exploring this sim 🙂



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I recently entered the latest photo comp at Exsangui Nation (my wonderful family’s home) with the image above and I’m very pleased to say I won! 😀

It means alot, I work very hard on my SL photography due to having a GOD AWFUL laptop that can barely run low graphics lol.

This photo was taken at Innsmouth – ‘a dark New England Costal Town 1930’
A GORGEOUS sim with lots of wonderful things to explore.

Skin – Glam Affair ‘Amberly’
Hair – Truth ‘Sadie’
Outfit – SLX Outfit Long Knit Dress (MP Promo!)

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