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Now and Then!

I finally got round to visiting the ‘Now and Then – Avatar Portrait Project‘ at SL10B
They have loads of booths where you can take a pic of your avi now and a pic of your noob self!

Then and Now for SL10B

Left – Now, Right – Then.

Luckily enough, I was able to recreate avi from day 1 haha go try it out 🙂

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More SL10B Picks

Two beautiful places you should check out before SL10B comes to an end 🙂

Chrysalis @ SL10B

1. “Chrysalis” is a wonderful piece exploring lights and windlights – picture does it no form of justice go and see!

The Eternal Present @ SL10B

2. “The Eternal Present” this place is gorgeous,bathe in in the pool to receive your blessing and some words of wisdom from the ‘all mother’

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Happy 10th Birthday Second Life!

Happy 10th Birthday Second Life

I went a little crazy to celebrate, sorry neighbours.

Here’s to another ten years of ‘dreaming big’ : )

Skin – Glam Affair ‘Summer’ (Summerfest)
Hair – Truth ‘Candy’
Top – .: Somnia :. ‘Dream Big!’ Top (SL10B Gift!)
Bottom – Kennedy’s Skinny Jeans (Past Hunt Gift)
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Feet – Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet
Shoes – Slink ‘Iiena Sandals’

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The First Church of Rosedale!

This is hands down my favourite exhibit at SL10B so far!

The First Church of Rosedale

It comes in the form of a giant water slide and some hilarious information posters – it is the fabulous ‘First Church of Rosedale‘ 🙂

The First Church of Rosedale 2

The humour in this piece is just fabulous, well I think so anyway, maybe that says alot about me!

Here is a snippet of the notecard that you can grab;

“The First Church of Rosedale is believed to be the first house of worship to acknowledge and embrace this truth: in Second Life, Philip Linden is God. This is the whole of our doctrine. All additional dogma—such as the role of Rodvik and other Lindens—as well as what to *do* with that information, is left up to the individual parishioner”

The First Church of Rosedale 3

Seriously, go and check it out, make sure you read everything it’s SO funny and grab the freebies too – you’ll probably find me there riding the slide *cough* I haven’t spent hours there *cough*

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Beach Banter

Beach Banter

Just chillin’ on my land : ) yep I own a trampoline and what? 😉

The gorgeous bikini is from the riot vend at Sn@tch, they are most likely for sale though!

Skin – Glam Affair ‘Amberly’
Hair – Truth ‘Selma’
Bikin – Sn@tch ‘Morocco Bikini’
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Feet – Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet

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