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Weird Questions Meme by Strawberry Singh

Weird Questions Meme

Thank you Strawberry Singh!

1. Which was the last sim you visited? (Other than your home)
SL10B 🙂

2. Does your avatar look like the real you?
Not at all haha 🙂

3. Do you wear underwear/panties underneath your clothing when out and about on the grid?
Nope… only if I’m wearing them for a photo! 😮

4. If you won a million linden dollars, what would be the first thing you buy inworld?
Buy myself a huge sim so I have loads of room to play ♥ I’d then have a serious think and help out my favourite charities and sims 🙂 then a little shopping spree why not eh!

5. Have you ever bought something in SL and then realized afterwards that you had already owned it from before?
Oh most likely.. I can’t really remember anything specific atm.
It happens LOADS with hunt gifts when I’ve forgotten I’ve already been somewhere lool

6. Have you ever done anything in Second Life that would be considered illegal in real life?
Haha well.. I’m a really bad peeping tom, I cam everywhere and I like to have a look inside people’s houses 😡

7. If you could go out on a date with any other avatar, who would it be?
My beautiful Para ofc 🙂 that Strawberry Singh is a bit alright as well ;p

8. Who, in your opinion, was the greatest avatar to ever slive?
Idk I can’t answer this!

9. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done inworld?
I’ve turned up many places missing a top or bottoms, before I mastered the add button there were a lot of mishaps

10. If your avatar had a mind of its own, what do you think it would say to you?
“Thank you for spoiling me rotten but you should definitely get a life and spend your money on other stuff!” 😉

Skin – Glam Affair ‘Amberly’
Hair – Wasabi Pills ‘Ivette’ (Previous 50L Friday)
Top – Tee*fy ‘Basic Knot T-Shirt’ (Collabor88)
Bottom – [y] ‘Denim Shorts’ Black
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

#13 avatar blogger month

La Nuit Du Chasseur

I musssstttt show you this beautiful free gift “La Nuit Du Chasseur” from Worlds End Garden – the ENTIRE outfit including the fabulous shoes (the impossible gaga shoes as I like to say :p) is available at their store on the RMK gothic sim 🙂

La Nuit Du Chasseur

This is the first time in a long time I’ve worn a non mesh skirt! It’s sooo well made and flows beautifully!

Skin -Glam Affair ‘Amberly’
Hair – .ploom. ‘Trina’
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

#10 avatar blogger month

Rez Day Quest

There’s currently a quest on at Exangui Nation in honor of mine and my partner’s rez day.
I took part last night and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had since joining SL – so much time and effort went into making the images and setting up the city and I wanted to publicly say THANK YOU, so so much.


Pictured above is a hidden club of sorts, decorated for us, so I decided to gather some good friends and snap a picture wearing the guns and masks acquired during the quest!
We ended up going nuts after this shot, check my Flickr to see some of the carnage :p thank you guys for being the best ♥

From left to right; Queen Mieka Birdsong, Brittany Hale, myself – Lady Harmony and Lady Solsty.

Skin – Glam Affair ‘Amberly’
Hair – Clawtooth ‘I Digress’
Top – Jane ‘Intrinsic Tank’ Black
Shorts – erratic / jessy ‘studded shorts’
Shoes – Gos Boutique ‘Lolita Espadrilles’ Cupcake (Free!)
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

#9 avatar blogger month


Check out these adorable cupcake Lolitas from Gos Boutique!


They are currently a FREE gift for group members, there is a fee to join but it’s very worthwhile imo.


Too cute!

Skin – Glam Affair ‘Amberly’
Hair – Clawtooth ‘I Digress’
Top – Tentacio ‘My Pink Monster’
Shorts – erratic / jessy ‘studded shorts’
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands

#7 avatar blogger month

Bound To You

Hellooo, this is my first entry into the hair fair contest 😀


I was inspired by this scene from Burlesque, one of my favourite films ♥

Skin – Glam Affair ‘Amberly’
Hair – Exile ‘Loveshack’
Gown – Chrysalis ‘Margot’
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Prop – Pilot Borovsky Stage (Global Domination Prize)


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