I’m Harmony Sandalphon and I am a fictional character in the virtual world Second Life.

Welcome to my blog!
This is my little space on the internet to share my Second Life experiences and my personal favourites in avatar fashion, beauty and events featuring home & decor items and cool sims/experiences!

I also have a YouTube channel dedicated to showing you the latest and greatest items, particularly focusing on subscription boxes, performance and items made for bento!

“I live halfway between fantasy and reality at all times” – Lady Gaga

I like to live my SLife to the fullest, I love to explore and visit as many events and sims as possible. I have an overflowing inventory of clothes and decor and I’m struggling to tame it.

If you would like me to feature your item, subscription box, experience or sim, please read my review policy and get in touch!

I enjoy; RP, photography, shopping, performance, MadPea games, gigs, decorating, breedable’s and exploring new sims.

Please feel free to hit me up Inworld, I’d love to hang out ♥

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